How to apply

To apply to become a member of the the Register of Accredited Animal Scientists and Animal Technologists, please follow the simple steps below.
BSAS Members
If you are a member of BSAS and have Registered already, log in to your ‘My account’ page and click on 'Apply for accreditation on line’.  
Non BSAS member
If you are not a member of BSAS or have not already Registered, please click on the ‘Apply Online’ link below which will take you to the page for you to Register and create your own new account by providing some preliminary personal details.  From your My account page you may now ‘Apply for accreditation on line’.  A one-off registration fee of £90, then £20 for annual renewal, is payable by those who are not BSAS members.

Apply Online

BSAS Membership
Membership of the accreditation register is free to BSAS members.
Become a BSAS member

Accreditation Applications are scrutinised by an independent panel chosen to reflect your area of expertise.

If you have any questions please contact

Application Guidelines

Assessors Guidelines

Application Procedure