We welcome applications for membership of the register from anyone whose main areas of professional activity concern the care, sustainability and utility of animals. These can include:

• Allied trades and industries
• Animal care (including animal health, provision of animals for recreation and veterinary practice)
• Animal product processing
• Business and commerce (including merchandising and marketing)
• Consultancy (including technology  and knowledge transfer and extension)
• Government (national and local)
• Manufacturing
• Primary production (including farming)
• Public relations, media, journalism and writing
• Public sector (local or national)
• Research (including investigation and development)
• Retail
• Service
• Student
• Teaching and training

Membership of the register is available at a number of levels:

• Animal Scientist (Associate)
• Animal Scientist (Certified)
• Animal Technologist (Associate)
• Animal Technologist (Certified)

‘Certified’ is the professional level, while ‘Associate’ is for those in the earlier stages of career development.

A Scientist acquires knowledge through scientific method, while a Technologist is a user of science.

To join the register, apply online or email accreditation@bsas.org.uk