Animal Science 2020: The Challenge of Change

De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre |  30 MAR - 1 APR 2020

Beeston Lane, Nottingham NG7 2RJ


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Join us in 2020 for our Annual Conference: The Challenge of Change, which will address the interdisciplinary challenges of food and nutrition production and security.

The world has a food problem - from hunger, poverty, low productivity levels or yields, inadequate food distribution and storage, obesity and malnutrition, poor sanitation and political and policies levers.

Identifying and implementing sustainable solutions is complicated by availability to (clean) water, finite land for agriculture production, climate change, and evolving diets that demand more high-value food products.

The Challenge of Change requires us to address these topics using a truly comprehensive, holistic approach. 

In planning for the conference we will aim to address the Challenge of Change head on by creating challenge themes that we will frame sessions, invited talks and sessions around these challenges:

Availability requires sufficient quantities of food to be accessible on a consistent basis from either domestic production or importation. The challenges:

  • Increase yields, profitability, and environmental sustainability simultaneously
  • Develop the varieties and breeds needed for sustainable food systems
  • Decrease food loss and waste through more efficient distribution systems

Access (economic and physical) means having sufficient resources and ability to obtain appropriate foods for a nutritious and culturally appropriate diet. The challenges:

  • Create and share resources that serve all populations
  • Ensure inclusive and equitable food systems

Utilisation refers to the appropriate use of food, which is based on knowledge of basic nutrition and care. The challenges:

  • Address the dual burdens of undernutrition and obesity to ensure full human potential
  • Ensure a safe and secure food supply that protects and improves public health