BSAS President Helen Miller anticipates successful Conference

We’re really looking forward to three days of discussion, debate and learning at this year’s BSAS 2019 Conference, which will discuss the steps the animal science industry is taking to ensure it is ‘Fit for the Future’.
Ahead of the conference, taking place from 9-11 April in Edinburgh, we spoke with BSAS President, Helen Miller, about her role in the Society, the successes of the past year and what she hopes the conference will achieve. 
Read on to find out what she had to say…

What is your role as President of BSAS?
“The role of the President is to provide leadership and direction to the board of Trustees, enabling the board to fulfil their responsibilities for the overall governance and strategic direction of the organisation, while working in partnership with the CEO to achieve the aims of the organisation.”
What have been your biggest accomplishments in the last year? 
“I have radically revised the structure and governance of the Society, introduced an effective and enthusiastic trustee board, brought in a new highly effective CEO, and revised the BSAS strategy. 
I also developed a strategy for BSAS Global and as the first step in this I was invited to the Canadian Society of Animal Science (CSAS) summer conference, where I judged their post graduate presentations and presented prizes at their dinner.”
What do you hope the forthcoming conference will achieve?
“I hope it will bring greater interaction between animal scientists in all walks of life so as to build a more vibrant and inclusive Society.”
What are the key issues facing the sector today and how can they be tackled?
“Additional government support must target applied research which encourages innovation, has rapid impact and adds value. Policies must improve competitiveness and be evidence based.
“UK Scientists must have access to European Research Funding, and the UK livestock workforce must have appropriate skills and training. Assistance for livestock production and research must be continued to support UK food security, biodiversity, tourism and the rural economy.”
It’s not too late to get your tickets to the BSAS 2019 Conference – find out more about who will be speaking and book here.