The Industry Showcase: A platform for discussion and innovation

The upcoming BSAS 2019 Conference will feature an extraordinary variety of topics across three days of sessions. One that we are really looking forward to is the Industry Showcase session, which offers sponsors and exhibitors the chance to display their business or product to conference attendees.
Dr Jon Day will chair the session, alongside Professor Richard Dewhurst, on Tuesday 9th April from 3:30pm-5pm. Dr Day is the founder of Cerebrus Associates and also supports the BSAS as our Industry Engagement Executive. We spoke to Dr Day to discover who will be presenting at the session and what is on the schedule for discussion.

Could you tell us a bit about your own background – who you work for and what you do?
“I am the Founder, owner and Director of Cerebrus Associates Limited. The business offers research and consultancy services in the agri-food sector, especially in the fields of consumer science and animal welfare science. I have been a member of BSAS for over 25 years and support the work of the Society as the Industry Engagement Executive.”

What will the Industry Showcase session focus on and what does it hope to address?
“The Industry Showcase session was a popular feature of the BSAS Annual Conference programme in 2018. This session offers sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to inform delegates about their business or a particular product of service. Feedback has indicated that a short presentation drives interaction between delegates and the sponsors and exhibitors throughout the meeting - enhancing impact and the conference experience for all.
“This year, the Industry Showcase will feature a debate jointly organised with the Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFARI). The debate is on the topic of ‘Can we have our meat and eat it?’”
Who will be speaking at the session and what will they discuss?
“Those speaking at the event include Professor Geoff Simm, from the University of Edinburgh Global Academy, who will discuss food, agriculture policy and economics. Dr Michael MacLeod from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) is an expert in livestock and greenhouse gas emissions. Daye Tucker is a rural leader and sheep farmer. Martin Kennedy, Vice President of the National Farming Union of Scotland (NFUS) and Professor Julie Fitzpatrick, CEO of the Moredun Group will also be joining in the discussions”
“Those exhibiting are Alltech, Icerobotics, Neogen, CABI, Cambridge University Press and Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing.”
What will audiences learn from attending this session?
“Delegates will learn more about the businesses of the presenting organisations.
“The SEFARI debate will address a pertinent debate on the role or meat in the human diet against a background of grand challenges such as growing global populations, environmental concerns, greenhouse gas emissions, human health and flexitarianism.”
Who should attend this session?
“Academics who seek an overview of how businesses operate and/or the products and services they offer.
“Businesses who seek an overview of the research being conducted in relation to meat production and consumption.
“Students seeking to growth their network of academic and industry contacts.”
How can ideas talked about in the session be utilised in the agriculture and animal science sectors?
“It is critical to drive engagement with the topic of the future role of meat and livestock products in the human diet.
“Enhancing collaboration between business and researchers can help to produce innovative solutions to many current grand-challenges.”
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