The science of poultry care: WPSA sessions

The BSAS is hosting a series of poultry sessions in alliance with the World’s Poultry Science Association UK (WPSA) as part of this year’s Annual Conference. The WPSA poultry care sessions will take place at various times over Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th April and will feature a number of respected speakers.

We caught up with session speakers Dr Dawn Scholey, chair of the WPSA UK committee, and Dr Emily Burton, president of the WPSA UK branch, to discover what attendees can expect from these sessions and how they will help advance current discussions in the poultry science sector.  

Could you tell us a bit about your own background – who you work for and what you do?

“Dr Dawn Scholey is a senior post-doctoral fellow at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and current chair of the WPSA UK programme committee for the annual spring meeting. We have a dedicated poultry research group, running commercial and research trials investigating a number of areas of poultry science, but especially nutrition. 

“Dr Emily Burton is an Associate professor at NTU running the above group, and current president of WPSA UK branch. She is also a member of the WPSA working group on Nutrition.”

What will this session focus on and what does it hope to address?

“The WPSA invited session is looking at new forms of alternative protein for feeding chickens sustainably into the future. It is followed by a brief selection of poster introductions to give a snapshot of posters and research at the conference.”

Who will be speaking at the session and what will they be talking about?

“Dr Peter Williams will be speaking about alternative proteins from bioethanol and adding value to biorefining by the addition of this co-product stream.

“Dr Henry Barber will be speaking on breeding wheat for the future, especially for higher protein and yield.

“A selection of short orals will follow allowing student presenters to try their hands at presenting for the first time and introducing posters to facilitate discussion at the poster sessions later in the day.”

What will audiences learn from attending this session?

“The audience should have a state-of-the-art introduction to novel processes and products which may be the proteins of the future.”

Who stands to benefit from attending this session?

“This session will be particularly interesting for anyone who feeds poultry, as well as nutritionists, vets and producers.”

How can ideas talked about in the session be utilised in the agriculture and animal science sectors?

“There is wide crossover of these topics to other production species and one of the speakers is a plant breeder, so is bringing expertise from an adjacent but not directly associated field.”

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