Corporate Membership

Corporate membership assists organisations to recruit, train and retain the very best animal scientists.
Through attendance at BSAS Conferences and Workshops, and networking with other BSAS Members, your staff will gain access to the latest research and developments in livestock science and practice from around the world.

They can also join the professional registers to demonstrate and develop their level of professional competence and status.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to become a member of BSAS Stakeholders Association, where you can help BSAS to ensure animal science is relevant to the needs of your sector.

Benefits of Corporate Membership


Corporate Membership Fees

The BSAS corporate membership fees are negotiated depending on the precise package of benefits required. The level of discount offered is proportional to the number of individual new members named within the organisation. The discount will apply to all members in the group.
In general, the objective of the discount is to increase the total fee income for the Society (by increasing total numbers) and decrease the costs to corporate groups (by reducing costs per individual).
Discounted fees only apply to those paying full membership (Rates for Postgraduate Students are already discounted).
  • 25% discount offered to all groups which contain 3-5 new members additional to those already members of BSAS
  • 30% discount offered to all groups which contain 6 or more new members additional to those already members of BSAS
For more information about how to become a BSAS Corporate Member contact: 

Maggie Mitchell

BSAS Chief Executive

T: +44 (0)131 650 8821

M: +44 (0)7952 970325