Global Association

The BSAS Global Association is tasked with advancing responsible, safe, high-welfare and environmentally sustainable animal production globally.

The group comprises of science and industry experts in animal science from around the world, who aim to establish formal animal science networks globally and develop current links with likeminded international societies.

The group aims to:

  • Develop BSAS Global by identifying areas of research needs and work with partners to create funding and support opportunities, particularly in developing countries
  • Create a global network of relevant organisations to share and improve benefits including partner events and resource sharing
  • Research suitable global digital media platforms and distribute scientific papers, opinion pieces and news to a global audience

The Global Association will make the work we do within BSAS relevant to our global stakeholders and allow us to work closer together to address the major issues which face our sector.

BSAS Global Association Committee:
Michael Lee – Chair
Helen Miller – Vice-Chair
Jude Capper – North America representative
Cled Thomas – Europe representative
Jordana Rivero – South America representative
Helen Ajayi – Africa representative
Dammika Weerathilake - Indian Subcontinent representative
Tianhai Yan – China representative
Mike Rose – SE Asia representative
Frank Dunshea – Australasia representative
Saead Navid – Middle East representative 
 TBC - Irish representative